Next playing: 3rd of november 2007 Böse 4" Dresden - Germany

TerrorMasta-Vinyl "Ausrasten" out since a while, order @ or !
Download the "TerrorMasta live at Rigormortis Nottingham/UK"-Video here, 80mb, 7 minutes, high-quality.
Check out the next live acts this year in Dresden - Oberhausen & Oberwesel in Germany and twice at Dordrecht/Netherlands. 
For the whole infos check out the TerrorMasta myspace-page.
The track "Eine neue Welt" (SPF14, BDR-CD04) has been released on "Speedcore 4 Life 3"-compilation (THORN 11) too, checkout the stores!

The new TerrorMasta-Vinyl "Aurasten" will be released at Braindestruction Recordz this month, for the demomix click here!
The track "I Hate Trance" which will be on that vinyl will be released on the "I Hate Trance"-compilation at Underground Forever too.
Noizetrauma 3 has been released for a while, this double-cd has been compiled by TerrorMasta and has been rated with 6 of 6 points in "Raveline". The "Core Meltdown"-CD is available too, you can order that stuff at the Braindestruction Recordz onlineshop.
TerrorNoize Industry EP7 with the track "Kick Den Scheiss Pervers" with acapellas from MC ChazerOne & KO ihas been released too, available ati SoundBaseMusic.

Kopfkrank07 and Spcial Forces14 with the tracks "TerrorMasta - Begleitmusik" and "TerrorMasta - Eine neue Welt" out now", available at and many more.
Noizetrauma 3, the speedcore, terror & breaks double-cd, compiled by TerrorMasta, will be released november the 17th, available at and in stores near you!

Take part on the remix-contest of braindestruction recordz!
Remix the track "TerrorMasta - Braindestruction" which has been released on braindestruction, speedcore and epileptik and you get the chance 
to release it on of the upcoming bdr-releases! Click here

BDR-Vinyl02 "Alptraumtechnik" with the track "Peitschenknall" out now!
Available at, and
many other onlineshops.

Epileptik Mix 15, mixed by Drokz with the track 
"TerrorMasta - Braindestruction" out now!
Next new releases will be on Kopfkrank 07, Special Forces 14 and BDR-Vinyl02.

2 new trackz online!
TerrorMasta - BrainBrainBrainBrain which was released on BDR-Vinyl01 &
Darkcore 8-CD.
TerrorMasta - BrainBrainBrainBrain (xmas-rmx).
TerrorMasta-Vinyl "Dreckig & Versaut" will be released summer 2006!

New wallaper & Booking-demo online.
Terrornoize Industry EP2-Vinyl with the track "TerrorMasta- Unreal"out now.
For example available at

New Track online: TerrorMasta - Paris Hilton Suck My Cock

Speedcore 7-Vinyl with the track "TerrorMasta - Braindestruction" out now.
You can order it at for example.
TerrorMasta-Intro-Video of the Death 2  Our Enemies Party 4-Party online.

Darkcore 8 CD ( will be released soon - 
with the Track "TerrorMasta - Brainbrainbrainbrain" which is also 
available on the "Druckerzeugnisse"-Vinyl.
TerrorMasta-Wallpaper online, download it in Download-Section.

New homepage-design online. Thanks for that to Braindead²!
Freetrackz, TerrorMasta live at Starfuckers Italy and the Booking-Demo are online.
TerrorMasta & Materialschlacht-Vinyl "Druckerzeugnisse" out now!!!
It has been rated with 6 from 6 points in Raveline 09.2004!
The whole test and the Demo are available in the Releasez-Section!
Available at ,  
and here in the Onlineshop!