Braindestruction Recordz (BDR) was founded by TerrorMasta in summer 2001 for the primary ambition: Speedcore and Terror-vinyls and CD-Compilations.

As United Speedcore Nation (USN) closed in summer 2001, BDR assumed some ex-members of it and created a homepage with a lot of speedcore and terror-mp3s. 2002 BDRs first release, a CD-R compilation (including well known acts like amigashockforce, btc107 a and qualkommando) called n01z3tr4uma (noizetrauma), was released. The time passed by and BDR became more known even across germany.

In summer 2003 no1z3tr4uma part zwei (noizetrauma 2) has been released, our first pressed release which got rated with 6 from 6 points by the german well-known electronic music-magazine "raveline".

Finally, in summer 2004 the first vinyl "TerrorMasta & Materialschlacht - Druckerzeugnisse" has been released which has been rated with 6 from 6 points in "raveline" too.

After that there have been some more cds and vinyls, check out our releases-section.

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